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Ask a Casino Dealer anything | Jobstr | What do YOU do? A Las Vegas insider, this casino dealer tells all about Sin City, epic wins and losses, why to tip your dealer, and what happens to cheaters who get caught.Do pit bosses switch out blackjack dealers when a player is on a hot streak as a 'cooler'? Asked by beans almost 7 years ago. What Kind of Background Checks Do Casino Dealers Have to…

What do Vegas dealers wear? | Wheaton - Yelp Jun 11, 2007 · Tomorrow son #2 has to dress up as someone from Nevada. So I'm going with a dealer at a casino. One small problem is that I've never been to Vegas so I'm clueless on what they wear. Right now I'm planning a white polo shirt, black pants and a… What Should A Casino Dealer Do And Wear? | Mens Fashion Whilst you may be working online and dealing with customers over the internet, they can still see and hear you. Just because a casino is online, doesn’t mean their expectations are any less or you can wear any old thing to work. Being as smart and well presented as possible is as much a prerequisite for the job as it would be in a land casino. Salary: Casino Dealer | Glassdoor

Currently have been working in a casino as a dealer for 4 years. Major games are poker/roulette/black jack and baccarat. Deal a heap ... We are taught to give matching coloured chips to what a player is wearing (if possible).

Best Answer: I don't think that will be an issue in any major casino. But it will probably vary by property owner. It is actually a myth that casinos don't have clocks. They are rare, but I've seen them in casinos. There's one casino in Atlantic City that has a Big Ben like clock with four faces. Working at Sands Casino: 74 Reviews | Indeed.com I prepared food solely for the Staff of the Sands Casino. It is a very fast paced environment in which I prepared a menu which varied daily for approximately 500 employees. The culture is very diverse. I was able to begin to learn new languages from coworkers as well. There was always a way to learn something new, which was refreshing. Casino Clothing | Zazzle Shop for customizable Casino clothing on Zazzle. Check out our t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, & more great items. Start browsing today!

Dec 30, 2015 ... Wear black shoes, black socks, and a crisp and clean, freshly laundered ... The casinos like dealers who are outgoing because part of your ...

Poker Dealer Jobs & Careers - Everything You Need To Know Find out all you need to know about what it's like to be a professional poker dealer. Skills, income, prospects and FAQs - read our top guide here. Can casino dealers wear a watch? | Yahoo Answers

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Casino dealers run all table games at casinos, such as roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat. They are responsible for explain the rules to patrons, taking bets and operating the game.A career as a casino dealer does not require much advanced training, but individuals who go into the field must...

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Gaming Services Workers : Occupational Outlook Handbook ... A casino atmosphere also may expose gaming services workers to hazards such as secondhand smoke from cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Noise from slot machines, gaming tables, and loud customers may be distracting to some, although workers may wear protective headgear in areas where machinery is used to count money.

How to pass a casino dealer interview? - (Casino staff What to wear to an interview? Although the dealer works in a single uniform that hides their personal tastes and preferences, it is not necessary to come to a interview too frivolous or original clothes. Qualifications for a Casino Dealer | Chron.com A casino is a vibrant work environment filled with people eager to mingle and play games of chance. A casino dealer sets the tone for this social environment and ensures that order is maintained at the table. Win or lose, customers are looking at a casino dealer as a conduit of fun with their Why do blackjack dealers wear armbands - answers.com